New General Tax Administration in Angola to increase tax revenues

Armando Manuel

As previously announced last September by Armando Manuel, Angola’s Finance Minister (Photo), the newly created General Tax Administration of Angola will “coordinate and manage the entire process of tax collection in the country”, according to a Government decision in the last Council of Ministers meeting.

The new General Tax Administration. scheduled to be fully operational in 2015 – is a central piece in the ongoing tax reform that will put together the different existing services of the National Tax Directorate and the National Customs Service – among others – thus minimising costs, creating synergies and optimize processes in order to guarantee larger revenues to the Administration.

Angola’s non-oil tax revenues in 2013 rose by 34 percent from 467 billion kwanzas in 2012, according to the latest bimonthly bulletin from the Angolan Customs Services. According to n article published last July by ‘Jornal de Angola’, the National Tax Directorate expects revenues to increase by 42% in 2014 up to a total of 885 billion kwanzas.





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