Bloomberg focus Angola’s role as a regional power

bloombergonblackAn article published yesterday by the prestigious news agency Bloomberg highlights the influence and power achieved by Angola in the African region. Describing the country as “a regional power”, the authors mention that “the nation of 24 million people that’s almost twice the size of Texas will reach middle-income status by 2020″.

With diplomatic victories such as” the new seat on the United Nations Security Council and President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’s government helping to broker disarmament talks in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo”, Angola has gained attention worldwide and “has become a lead negotiator from Guinea-Bissau to the eastern Congo”.Also mentioned in the article is the role of Angola at the head of the security committee of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.

Leif Biureborgh, a top advisor for multinational companies quoted in the article, says that “There is a lot of trust in Angola right now in a way that it will play a more intensive role in the region, especially in the DRC and CAR. (…) This will enhance its position as a rising regional power.”

Another good news mentioned by Bloomberg is the fact that “Angola’s middle-income status should help it gain access to credit guarantees that lower the cost of public investments containing private funding, according to the UN. The UN measured per capita income at $3,750 last year, more than three times the threshold to be considered a middle-income country”.

Angola’s Economy is valued at $122 billion according to the World Bank, making it the third-largest in the sub-Saharan region.



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