Angola Cables signs contract with NEC to start South Atlantic cable system


Angola Cables announced today that it has signed a contract with NEC Corporation as the system supplier of the world’s first submarine cable system across the South Atlantic. Named South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), it will connect Angola and Brazil directly for the first time, using state-of-the-art technology to enable international high speed and high capacity data transmissions. António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables, has declared that with this project Angola will be able to atract the largest international communication companies in the world.

The cable system will link Sangano cable landing station in Angola, near the capital city of Luanda, and a datacenter in Fortaleza, Brazil. According to official information: “The Operator recently announced the construction of another cable system, COTA (Cable Of The Americas) connecting Santos and Fortaleza in Brazil to Miami in the USA. This way Angola Cables will connect Angola and Africa directly to Brazil and the USA through SACS and COTA, adding to today’s existing connectivity from Africa to Europe through the existing WACS (West Africa Cable System)”. The total amount of investment for SACS is an estimated USD $160 million.



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