Angola says “No” to hosting Africa Cup of Nations

Angola announced this Wednesday that the country will not replace Morocco as host of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. 

João Lusevikueno, vice president of the Angolan football federation, told Agency France Presse that “Angola is not going to host the competition, we haven’t presented our candidature and it is not our intention to do so.” According to the news, the responsible also added that to step in and organize a competition of this scale in just two months, since the event its schedued to start on Jan. 17, is “virtually impossible.”

With Angola out of the picture three potential candidates are left;  Egypt, Gabon and Nigeria. Morocco was put out as a host after the country insisting on a postponement, claiming the causa to be Ebola epidemic. However, that was considered unaceptable by the federation and its president Issa Hayatou: “To postpone the Africa Cup of Nations would be like stopping African football dead.” he declared . “Once you postpone this event, it will open the door for everybody to ask for a delay of any competition and we will no longer be credible.”



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