Sindika Dokolo: “A new page of Angolan history is being written”


Sindika Dokolo was interviewed by writer and curator Osei Bonsu, for the ‘New African Magazine’. You may read the entire content of the interview here.This conversation happened during the recent 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair at Somerset House in London, sponsored by the Sindika Dokolo Foundation.

The article describes Sindika Dokolo as “Representative of a generation of Africans who see the preservation of the continent’s cultural heritage as both a collective duty and an individual right. The Congolese entrepreneur began his collection of art in Luanda, Angola in 2004, with the aim of unveiling contemporary art to an African audience”.

New African Magazine: Recently Angola was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennial, in a year that saw considerable focus on the African continent as a whole. After 30 years of war and turmoil in Angola, there seems to be a newfound optimism led by fledgling economic prospects. What do you feel would help sustain the growth and confidence, looking towards other African nations facing difficult realities?

Sindika Dokolo: The past decade has been clearly marked by a structural growth in the Angolan economy. This positive evolution has created new perspectives as well as expectations, that have reshaped the Angolan society and the way Angolans look upon themselves, Africa and the world.

A new page of Angolan history is being written. A sustained public investment policy in infrastructure, energy, and education is generating a general sense of self-confidence in the Angolan economic and social future.

The particularity of the Angolan mindset, also comes from the war years. Having experienced deception and false promises, Angola has integrated the fact that it should only count on itself to reach its objectives, in terms of development. I think the other African countries should integrate that factor as well, and stop hoping that help is coming”.



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