Sonangol and ENI join efforts in the gas sector


Sonangol and Italian oil company ENI have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for projects in the gas sector. The document was signed by Sonangol’s CEO, Francisco de Lemos Maria (Photo), and ENI’s CEO, Cláudio Descalzi.

Sonangol has issued a press release to inform that the agreement will be followed by “the creation of a Sonangol/ENI joint team tasked with assessing the gas potential in the Low Congo sedimentary basin, a highly promising area in terms of hydrocarbons on the Angolan coast”.

According to the information provided, “the joint team is also tasked with analysing all gas valuing options, with priority to its utilisation in the local market, where the product is expected to have a crucial role in sustaining the country’s economic development”.

The Sonangol/ENI team will also share knowledge concerning the development of gas resources, based on the experience of the Italian company around the country. In addition to the above mentioned aspects, the parties signed deals for the development of business projects in other areas of oil and gas exploration in Angola.



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