Angola’s stock exchange opens this December


Trading of securities on the Angolan Stock and Debt Exchange ((Bolsa da Dívida e Valores de Angola/BODIVA) is scheduled to begin this December, according to one of its Board members, Pedro Pitta Groz.

This announcement confirms the statement made last July by António Furtado, Chairman of the Angolan Stock and Debt Exchange. Speaking at a meeting with financial market operators, the Chairman declared that BODIVA would start operating with the trade of treasury bonds.

The first emissions after the opening of BODIVA will help the Angolan government to finance its projects with more attractive interest rates. According to official sources, the operations will be assured by a team composed by 20 technicians and directors, 19 of them with Angolan nationality.

In the near future, Angola’s stock exchange will be a meeting point between investors and companies, as Chairman António Furtado announced. “We have to find a balance between investors and the issuing bodies, as having diverse methods of funding is of crucial importance for the country’s economic growth,” he declared at the time, during the session promoted by the Capital Markets Commission (CMC).



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