Luanda will be a megacity by 2030


Luanda will be a mega city in the year 2030, has anticipated by the United Nations. Currently, 28 urban areas have more than 10 million residents. But 13 more will be added to that list in the next 15 years, including Angola’s capital.

Luanda will duplicate the number of its inhabitants and should reach 10,4 million in 2030 according to the UN, putting the capital on top of the list with fastest growth among the mega cities of the world.

This circumstance will put new challenges ahead in terms of the urban development of the city and, for the first time, Angola will have by that time more people living in the cities than in the rural areas.

Luanda, Lagos and Kinshasa are amongst the large cities with fastest growth together with four urban areas in China, two in India and one in the Middle East. Only Tokyo and Osaka, in Japan, are expected to invert the demographic tendency, due to population ageing and the diminishing of the birth rate.

For infographics, click here.



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