Portugal wants win-win economic cooperation with Angola

paulo portas

Angola and Portugal top political responsibles spoke in Brasilia, at a high political level, about the ways to reinforce of the existing cooperation between both countries. The conversation was held between the angolan Vice-President Manuel Domingos Vicente and the Portuguese Vice Prime-Mnister, Paulo Portas (photo with President José Eduardo dos Santos taken during a meetingt/Lusa, Archive).

Speaking to the press in the Brasilian capital, Paulo Portas mentioned the “Pleasure and pride to start 2015 talk with the Vice-president of Angola”. “It is a good sign to open the year 2015 talking with Angola, to see that the mutual agenda and meeting was very well oriented for the win-win economic themes”, said the Portuguese vice Prime-Minister.

The Angolan Vice-President represented the Head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, during the inauguration ceremony of Dilma Rousseff as President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, which took place on 1 January this year.

Portuguese exports to Angola registered a 49,8% growth in the third quarter of 2014 reaching 1,4 billion euros, when compared with the same period last year, according to the recent report by the Angolan Statistical National Institute.



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