China is Angola’s main importer, Portugal leads exports


China was the main importer of Angolan products in the third quarter of 2014 and Portugal was the main exporter to Angola in the same period, according to figures issued in Luanda by the Angolan National Statistics Institute and published by online news site ‘Macau Hub’,

China, with a share of 49.5% of all Angolan exports, was followed by a distant Spain with 6.2%, India with 5.6%, the USA with 5.5% and France with 5.1%.

Portugal was Angola’s main trading partner regarding imports by the African country, with 14.7% of the total, then China with 12.6%, Singapore with 11.4%, the USA with 8.8% and the United Arab Emirates States with 5.1%, according to Macau Hub.

“Overall, Angola exported goods (oil and diamonds) worth 1.51 trillion kwanzas, down 11% on 2013 and imported goods in the value 1.16 billion kwanza (76.1% more) , generating a trade surplus of 345.4 billion kwanza, 66.7% less than in the same period of 2013”, concludes the same article.



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