Large industrial hub will start this year in Caála, Huambo


The construction of new factories at the industrial hub in the municipality of Caála, 23 kilometres from the city of Huambo, is scheduled to begin this year according to the words of the municipal administrator, Victor Tchissingui.

The new infrastructure would be installed along 1 million m2, including factories to process “fruit and vegetables, chocolate, biscuits, glass, paint, windows, partitions, hardware, barbed wire and mesh” the same responsible declared to the media, adding that the installation of these plants “will have a direct impact on the fight against unemployment and catapult the development of the local economy”.

The project also includes construction of factories to manufacture solvents, fillers, fluorescent lamps, electric wires and cables, wood pellets, shoes, corn mills for animal feed and mattresses.

According to the municipal administrator’s statement: “The economic forecasts for 2015 are not encouraging in terms of economic growth, due to the fall in oil prices, which sustain the Treasury’s resources to finance public expenditure,”  Therefore, adds Mr. Tchissingui, managers of public institutions in the municipality must contain spending and be rational in the use of the available resources. (Photo: Africa Time)



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