Zuma meets with Dos Santos about FDLR rebel group


The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has arrived in Luanda ahead of a meeting with President José Eduardo dos Santos. “The two leaders are expected to discuss matters relating to promoting bilateral relations as well as peace and security in the continent,” a source from the South African presidency declared.

According to agenda, the talks between the two leaders will include the impending fight against the FDLR rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “The UN has threatened military action against the group, after it failed to meet a deadline to disarm and South African troops are expected to be at the forefront of the UN’s action”, eNews Channel Africa writes.

President Dos Santos is currently also the President of the Great Lakes Region International Conference, and his efforts to bring peace, security and stability to the Great Lakes Region have been internationally recognized.

President Zuma arrived in Conakry, Guinea, yesterday for a meeting with president Alpha Condé and is scheduled to attend the inauguration of Mozambique’s newly elected president Filipe Nyusi tomorrow.



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