Angola with green light to export fish to the European Union


The European Union has included Angola in the list of countries that are authorised to export all fishery products to the European Union (EU). The good news was given the minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto in an interview with Angolan news agency Angop.

According to the minister, this was made possible after “various stages of refurbishment of chemistry and microbiology laboratories, staff training and audits.” 2014 was very positive for the Angolan fisheries sector, with a recorded fish production of 396,000 tons, including artisanal, semi-industrial, industrial, marine and continental fishing.

“There are 253 licensed fishing vessels that contribute to this success, along with the involvement of 108 national companies,” said Barros Neto.

The main base ports are Luanda, Benguela, Namibe, Kwanza Sul and Cabinda, and Luanda generally accounts for the largest number of vessels.

The provinces of Benguela and Namibe are important in trolling, with 29 vessels, and 23 seine vessels were also registered in 2014. (Source: Angop).



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