Water For All in Angola will reach 80% of all rural areas


Water For All program in Angola will reach 80% of rural areas in all 18 provinces in Angola by 2017. The statement was made to the press by the Secretary of State for Water, Luís Filipe da Silva, after an assessment visit to Cuvango, in the southern Huila province, where the Secretary of State inaugurated a water supply system that will provide ten thousand litres of the precious liquid per hour.

Current level of the Water For All programme implementation is already at 70%, which is considered positive as it managed to place systems in all the country’s 18 provinces and is “expected to increase due to the commitment and ongoing investment”, Luís Filipe da Silva declared, adding that the coverage in the province of Huila is above average, as compared to others, since the region has received more regular related investments.



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