16 new private investment contracts signed in Angola


Sixteeen new private investment contracts worth $35,7 Million were signed between the Angolan National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP) and private companies. According to Maria Luísa Abrantes, president of the Board of Directors: “It is a very positive note that four industrial projects are included, which reveals that there is a relevant interest in this sector”.

One of those projects is related with the textile industry and the others with construction. The project with higher investment regards the construction of a concrete plant in Viana, near Luanda, aimed at ensuring 300 jobs in his first phase and with an investment around $9.5 Million.

Canada and Germany are included in the list of the countries that feel confident to invest in Angola – specifically in construction and public works – something that is considered very relevant by ANIP’s president. “Canada and Germany are very conservative when it comes to foreign investment and its not common to have private projects from these countries in Angola. Therefore, these contracts are a significative indicator, not for their investment value but because of what they may mean to other future investors from these countries. They are extremely important to us”, added Maria Luísa Abrantes.

Other projects signed include the construction of a disposable diaper manufacturing plant, also in Luanda valued at 6.7 million dollars and two contracts for timber exploitation from Angolan and Chinese investors, in the Malanje province (3 million dollars) and Luanda (2.9 million).



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