Angola grants multiple entry visas


Next month, the government of Angola will start granting tourism and ordinary visas with multiple entries. The announcement was made last Monday, in Luanda, by the Home Affairs Minister, Ângelo Veiga.

According to AllAfrica: “Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Broad Consultative Council of the Home Affairs Ministry, Ângelo Veiga Tavares explained that the modernisation process taking place in the Migration and Foreigners Services (SME) has enabled to overcome the hindrances regarding the introduction of multiple entry visas.

He also announced that soon the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, in Luanda, will set up the RAPID system, which will enable Angolan and foreign citizens to pass through the immigration control system in less than fifteen seconds.

 Ângelo Veiga Tavares also stressed that special attention must be paid to the Criminal Investigation Services, which, in turn, also pay special attention to the relationship with international police organs, Interpol and other partners.

He also stressed that there is a need to improve the relationship with the media aiming for a better divulgence of the activities of the Home Affairs Ministry”. (Source: AllAfrica)



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