French chef Clèment Bonano with special dinners in Luanda


If you are in Luanda between today and March 18th, you may experience the refined culinary art of the French chef Clément Bonano. He is in Luanda at the invitation of Cognac Martell and Première Events, and his Martell Dinners will help to promote the oldest cognac house in the world, a brand that celebrates this year its 300 anniversary.

The flavours of the French exquisite drink will therefore be combined with the culinary know-how of Bonano. His predilection for the use of local products will bring an Angolan special flavour to this cooking adventure.

The list of the restaurants selected to be a part of this two week gourmet experience is the following, according to LNL’s Luanda Nighlife website:

Today – Art’z (at Hotel Marinha, Luanda Island); March 11 – Resraurante Kook; March 12th – Restauranete V’amos; March 17th – Lookal Marisqueira and, finally, March 18th – Restaurante BlueJazz.



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