Francophone and French language Week starts in Angola


Starting today, the Francophone French language Week will go on until 21 March. Several cultural and festive activities are organized by the Alliance Française (AFL), in partnership with the Member of the International Francophone Organization represented in Angola and the French-speaking schools and Angolan teacher training schools.

According to the press officer of Alliance Française, Noéme Sido: “Students will be introduced to techniques for using the tale stories and narrations as a tool for spreading a language”, At the same time as the initial session, a storytelling workshop aimed for students of basic French schools of Luanda, other activities under the theme “The telling of stories, a tool in teaching a language”, will take place in schools located in the provinces of Benguela, Namibe, Huila and Bengo.

News agency Angop mentions that “In addition to these activities, it still planned to be held competition on environment, music show, lectures, gastronomy (Night of Francophone flavors), community and academic sessions in a spirit of promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, education and peace.

According to the programme, on 20 March, the São Miguel Fortress in the upper part of the city of Luanda, it will be carried out a community festive night in Angola, an environment to celebrate the culinary tradition of African, European and Asian Francophones”.



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