Angola starts granting multiple-entry visas


Angola is starting to grant multiple-entry tourist and ordinary visas.The modernisation process of its Immigration Services is aplauded and “warmly wlecomed” by visitors entrepreneurs and investors alike, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

“Given the slow pace of business in Angola, a month is not always enough for an investor to meet with the relevant people in government and additional flexibility is certainly more attractive,” says the latest report from the EIU quoted by MacauHub.

Until now, ordinary visas lasted only 30 days and could be renewed within the country twice, but the process is slow due to problems at the issuing bodies.

Also according to the EIU, “The creation of a tourist visa is an important measure that can help unlock the high tourist potential of Angola, which largely remains untapped”.

The ongoing process of facilitating the allocation of visas by Angola makes the country more attractive to investors and tourists, creating new sources of revenue, at a time when oil revenues are in decline.

In the current difficulties, the diversification of the economy has become urgent and the Tourist Development Institute of Angola (Infotur) estimates that tourism may represent an added value to GDP of at least US$4.7 billion annually from 2020, says the site

Another modernisation announced by the authorities to facilitate entries into the country is the acceleration of international arrivals, which are also time-consuming.

“These measures are welcome in a country that, given the rapid decline of its oil revenue, needs to do everything it can to become more attractive to investors and create new revenue streams,” added the EIU.

In recent months, Angola announced the facilitation of business visas for Portugal and Brazil.

Under the agreement with Brazil, business visas are valid for multiple entries over two years, allowing the holder to stay up to 90 days that cannot be extended, in each period of one year.

In the face of current difficulties, said the EIU, Angola’s priority should be its relationship with international partners such as “China, the United States and European Union” and countries in the region, concludes Macau Hub.



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