Mace wins project management for the new Luanda International Airport


Mace, an UK consultancy and construction company based in London, has been appointed to provide project management and site supervision services for the new Luanda International Airport.

According to the company site: “The construction works have already begun on site and the Ministry of Transportation has since concluded that appointing an international project management company, to manage and supervise the remaining construction works, is required to ensure the delivery of this airport meets international aviation standards. The project is due to complete and open in 2017”.

Mace project director, Carlos Cruz commented: “Our team in Angola is proud to be part of what will be the most important construction project in the country for the next couple of years. It is an infrastructure of decisive importance for the economic growth of the country and no doubt it will put Luanda on the international aviation map.”

Regional director for sub-Saharan Africa, Nick Demain, added: “As our first major aviation project in sub-Saharan Africa, this is an exciting project for the team and a great win given the local challenges. It also further strengthens our portfolio for the region as we continue to receive infrastructure and transport-related enquiries.”

The new Luanda International Airport will be a modern quality infrastructure facility with the aim of becoming ‘the’ aviation hub of western Africa. It will have capacity to accommodate 15 million passengers and 50,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

With the above objective in mind, the Angolan Ministry of Transportation signed a FIDIC design and build turnkey contract for US$3.8bn with the Chinese contractor CIF for the new airport. The airport will feature two runways, one 4.2km long (for the A380 airbus) and one of 3.8km. The terminal has a gross floor area of 170,000 m2, and will have three piers with ten gates per pier. The project also includes the construction of a rail link to the capital, to the province of Luanda, and possibly to the neighbouring province of Malanje. (Source: Company website)



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