EU will give €84 Million to agriculture in Angola


The European Union will contribute with €84 million euros to the agricultural sector in Angola over the next five years, This support was announced in Luanda by the cooperation official from the EU Delegation in Angola, during the First National Conference on Nutrition, promoted by the Angolan government,

According to Fernando Trabada Crende, quoted on the news, the purpose of this European contribution is to “help combat malnutrition in Angola, the fifth leading cause of infant death in the country”.

Speaking about the topic “Cooperation on food and nutrition security between the government of Angola and the European Union,” Trabada Crende declared that “There is recognition of the Angolan authorities of the strong impact of malnutrition”.

The same official also said that the southern provinces and the central highlands of Angola would be the focus of special attention as would identifying the nutritional status of populations in intervention areas before implementing actions to combat malnutrition.

The National Indicative Programme (PIN), which outlines the strategy and priorities for cooperation between the government of Angola and EU aid, discusses the food and nutrition security as one of the partnership’s priority areas. Angola’s PIN is financed with EU funds and under the 11th European Development Fund, the total EU will be €210 million euros by 2020.



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