International contractors gathered to build 60.000 houses in Angola


Contractors from Angola, USA and Italy will gather with Canadians to build 60.000 high quality social houses in Angola. These houses – each one with at least 100m2 -will be built in ten provinces of Angola: Luanda, Bengo, Zaire, Malanje, Cuanza Sul, Lunda Sul, Moxico, Huambo, Huíla and Benguela, during the next 15 years.

The contract, valued in 5 billion dollars, was signed yesterday in Luanda and it’s the largest private contract of this kind ever signed in the country,

Angola’s National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP) is the official entity beyond this contract which is considered to be a major effort towards solving the need for social housing in the country.

14.000 Angolan workers and an additional 6.000 from other countries will be hired, through a recruitment process financed by Canadian investors.

The contract was approved by Presidential decree and the official document underlines its contribution for the wellbeing of the population, the increase of jobs and the boost of entrepreneurship.  The project will have public support, specifically through tax exemptions of several kinds. (Source: Agência Lusa)



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