Sustainable community model for water presented in Huambo province


The Community Management Model for Water, named MoGeCa, was presented in central Huambo province. The goal is to to ensure the sustainability of water systems in rural and peri-urban areas, according to its coordinator, Elsa Ramos.

Mrs. Ramos declared that this model, funded by the European Union, is a serious and powerful tool in order to “overcome the serious problems experienced in the operation and maintenance of water supply systems in the province”.

The coordinator also pointed out that MoGeCa aims to emphasise the need to recover the cost in order to ensure the economic sustainability of water supply systems. This will also be achieved through the creation of social capital and local structures that “will allow the community to take part in the solution of the problem”.

The project will initially cover the provinces of Huambo, Cunene and Luanda, where the MOGECA was presented for the first time in February 2014.

MoGeCA promotes an approach involving local communities in the planning, construction and management of water points, as a basic strategy promoting local development. A Manual on Community Water Management and a set of cards to be used at training have been published and printed. The Manual has become the Angolan National Policy on sustainable water management. An audio recording of the presentation (in English) and a PowerPoint may be found here: (Souce: AllAfrica and DW Website)



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