Executive Secretary for ICGLR praises president Dos Santos efforts in the Great Lakes region


The Executive Secretary of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), Alphonse Tumba Luaba (photo), praised in Luanda the efforts of the Angolan president, José Eduardo dos Santos, in his capacity as acting chairman of the African regional body, Angop news agency reports.

The official highlighted the contribution of the Angolan statesman to peace and support for the Central African Republic (CAR) and other States in the Great Lakes Region. The statement was made during a meeting gathering the chiefs of Staffs of the Armed Forces and the heads of Information Services of ICGLR.

President, José Eduardo dos Santos is in his second year in the presidency of the ICGLR, whose term began in January 2014.

According to Angop: “Tumba Luaba also spoke of the serious security and humanitarian situation prevailing in some of the ICGLR member countries, calling on international community to join efforts in order to tackle the crisis.

Issues related to the outcome of the peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic and the member states of the Economic Community of the Central African States (ECCAS) as well as the threat of terrorism in the Great Lakes region”, were also part of the meeting agenda.

The ICGLR is an inter-governmental organization of the countries in the African Great Lakes Region. Its establishment was based on the recognition that political instability and conflicts in these countries have a considerable regional dimension and thus require a concerted effort in order to promote sustainable peace and development. Most notable among the conflicts that have had cross-border impacts or origins are the 1994 Rwandan genocide that led to the loss of more than 800,000 lives, and the political instability in DRC. These conflicts constituted a major threat to international peace and security.

The organization is composed of twelve member states, namely: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Republic of South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia. (Source and photo: Angop)



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